Vibrant, evocative abstracts to enliven your space

Some works are contemplative, some more forceful, but all are an experiment to capture the feeling or energy of the moment.

Fascinated by color and texture, Sandra uses a range of mark making techniques and painterly gestures to create powerful abstractions that reflect her vision.

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Sandra Koenig

Sandra works intuitively and spontaneously, pushing past recognizable form to create abstract works that remind us of the beauty and energy of our souls, the majesty of being human. She enjoys experimenting with paint, oil pastels, graphite and a variety of non-traditional tools.

What our fans say

“These enchanting and playful paintings can easily become an inviting focal point or the perfect companion for another work of art.”

“I want them around for their heart-lift energy!”

“They entice you back into the richness of being alive.”

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