Dominic Scott

Sandra Koenig

Sandra attempts to capture, through the use of color and abstraction, the mystery, joy and wonder of our experience of being alive.

From a very young age Sandra was passionate about creating imagery, and was often discovered with her crayons drawing on any available surface, including the kitchen walls. Prior to her current foray into the world of abstract art, she spent more than 20 years involved with a process oriented painting studio, both as a student and a facilitator, which deepened her connection with painting and cultivated her freedom of expression.

Sandra’s love of the visual arts led her to study design at the highly regarded University of Cincinnati, and work for more than two decades in the world of design and international branding. Her background in design influences her painting style, use of color, and sense of composition.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Sandra has spent the last 30 years living amidst the beauty and diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area.

She is in the initial stages of showing and selling her paintings. Her work is held in private collections throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.


  • University of Cincinnati, Bachelor of Science in Design
  • California Institute of Integral Studies, Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology & Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy

  • Painting Experience Teacher Training, four-year training in facilitating process oriented painting